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  • Acoustic Auralex Bass Traps

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    Low frequencies tend to collect in corners and cause problems, such as boosting the apparent amount of bass in the room (creating “”nodes””). Therefore, corner “”bass trapping”” is critical for smoothing out the sound of any room. The Low-End Node Reduction Device (“”LENRD””) Bass Traps from Auralex, enables control of low frequency sounds, unlike any other product. Your low-end sound will be pure and true, not just big. Experience the LENRD difference. Color: Charcoal.” 

  • Acoustic Vocal Booth Mic Reflection Filter with stand

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    Brand new, never been opened… the big one. improve the quality of voice recordings captured in your home studio, rehearsal studio or other untreated acoustic environment by absorbing and isolating the microphone from unwanted ambient reflections. By absorbing and diffusing these reflections, the RF-5P-B creates a closer and dryer sound that allows more control over the vocals. It can also be used for other applications such as recording an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar cabinet. Five punched metal panels and a pyramidal, acoustic foam lining filter ambient noise and help prevent sound from reflecting back into the microphone. The two outermost panels are adjustable, allowing you to control how dry your recording will be. Whether it’s a home studio or a rehearsal studio, for podcasting or broadcasting, the RF-5P-B Reflection Filter is designed to
  • Inserting Hole Diameter: approx.53mm Compatible Mic Diameter: 45-53mm(with foam); 54-65mm(without foam

    alctron PF8 pro Pop filter

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    Color: Silver

    Inserting Hole Diameter: approx.53mm
    Compatible Mic Diameter: 45-53mm(with foam); 54-65mm(without foam)
    Item Size: 20 * 17.7 * 18cm/ 7.9 * 7 * 7.1in
    Item Weight: 523g/ 1.2lbs
    Package Size: 21 * 19 * 18cm / 8.3 * 7.5 * in
    Package Weight: 725g/ 1.6lbs
    Package List:
    1 * Mic Windscreen
    1 * Foam Ring
    1 * Users’ Manual(English & Chinese)

  • Pf8 Acoustic Filter Microphone Guard

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    • Alctron PF8 uses high quality noise reduction foammachining into cylinder microphone wind screen. PF8 upgrade, the bottom is designed to be curved, suitable for more microphones and shock mounts.
    • Alctron PF8 helps your microphone isolating in a quiet environment, under this environmentmicrophone will record your voice exclusively.
    • The PF8 is able to capture thecomplete spectrum of your voice and reduce much of the external environment,all the while giving you clear and concise vocals free of any coloration.
    • PF8 wind screen not only reduce the reflection of recording sound but also reducethe external wind and noise to disturb recording.
    • Maintaining Cleanness of Mics: Functionally prevents saliva spraying, other harmful dust and moisture.