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Exotic Wood Top
The highly figured top on the Action V-DLX provides it with its truly deluxe appearance. Active EQ and Versatile Controls
The active electronics on the Action V-DLX deliver the tone that today’s players need. A wide arrange of controls provide you with the ability to craft your sound for you Specifications”] CONSTRUCTION: Bolt-on
BODY: Agathis with figured top
NECK: Canadian Hard Maple
FRETBOARD: Rosewood, 15 3/4″ Radius (400mm)
FRETS: 24 / Large (2.7mm)
SCALE: 34″ (864mm)
INLAY: White Dot
TUNERS: Die cast
ELECTRONICS: 1volume , 1 blend, 2band active EQ

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Are you looking for a great quality bass that won’t cost you the world? The Cort Action DLX is the perfect solution! And the best part is that this amazing bass comes in a 4-string and a 5-string option, so you can find the perfect bass for your style. 

5-String Bass

If you’re not sure if you should go the 5-string route, we’ll list a few of the pros and cons of each option.


The 5-string bass adds a low B string. If you have been considering a 5 string bass, there is a good chance you already know that. So how exactly does an extra low B help you?

Bass guitars are tuned in equal intervals. So, unlike a guitar, your shapes will stay the same regardless of how many strings you have on the bass. Because of this, learning to play the 5-string bass has a relatively low learning curve.

As a result of this, you will be able to almost instantly improve your range in a single box shape. Now you won’t need to search a new position to get a lower note when you need it. Depending on the scale you are playing, you will give yourself up to 3 extra bass notes per position.


5-string bass guitars are normally much heavier than their 4-string counterparts. You might not feel the weight (or care that it is heavier) at first, but once you’ve been playing for 30 min or more that extra weight becomes very noticeable.

This is easily countered by having a good quality, wide, strap. A wider strap will distribute the weight better and allow the bass to hang in a more comfortable way. Despite this, the extra weight will still be noticeable after a while.

Agathis Body with a Figured Top

The body of the Action V-DLX is made of Agathis wood which has been described as being similar to basswood. A highly figured top has been added because Agathis does not have a prominent grain. This gives the bass a truly deluxe appearance.westasound.com


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