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Iloud Micro Monitors Ultra-compact 3" Studio Monitors


  • Overview:
  • Studio reference monitors for critical audio production listening in small spaces
  • Super-near-field design puts the sweet spot right at your ears on a typical desk
  • DESKTOP/SHELF switch adapts response for superior sound from any speaker placement
  • Extended frequency response from 45 Hz – 20 kHz delivers surprising bass response *Advanced digital crossover and careful time alignment for precise stereo imaging
  • 4 class D power amps and 50W RMS for punchy low end and impressive volume.Total output power (both speakers)- 70W (peak) – 50W RMS.Low frequency output power (single speaker)- 18W RMS. High frequency output power (single speaker)- 7W RMS


Products Description:

Ultra-compact reference studio monitors Designed for ideal sound in small studios.

  • Iloud Micro Monitors Ultra Compact 3″ Studio Monitors
    Ultra-compact reference studio monitors
    Designed for ideal sound in small studios.
    iLoud Micro Monitor is a pair of ultra-compact studio reference monitors, designed specifically for the unique challenges of working in a smaller bedroom or project studio.

    With a small footprint, advanced DSP-based processing and EQ, and high-quality components, iLoud Micro Monitor delivers a flat frequency response from 55 Hz to 20 kHz, with outstanding stereo imaging and transient response, all in a pair of monitors that’s roughly the size of typical desktop speakers.

    It’s perfect for music and audio-for-video production both at home or in smaller studios, and small enough to slip into a travel bag for use on the road.

    High-definition monitoring in the tightest spaces or on the go
    50W RMS Class-D bi-amplification for plenty of headroom and fast transient response
    Custom composite woofer & bass reflex port for accurate bass response as low as 55 Hz
    Time-aligned cross-over and 56-bit DSP ensure incredibly flat frequency response
    1/8″ stereo, RCA and Bluetooth inputs for use with a range of systems
    Selectable EQ correction for ideal response in any acoustic environment

    Designed for ideal monitoring in small studios

    Minimize acoustic issues
    Many project and home studios are smaller and therefore more sensitive to acoustic issues. iLoud Micro Monitor’s smaller speakers help minimize reverberating fields and standing waves, as these can exaggerate the bass response and make mixing more difficult.

    Provide ideal positioning
    iLoud Micro Monitors can be placed closer together without compromising the stereo image, a typical situation when using a computer or a laptop on a desk. This positions the ‘sweet spot’ of the monitors at an ideal distance while working.

    Adjust for placement
    Small studios may rely on tables/desks positioned against the wall. Reflections from the wall may exaggerate bass frequencies, so iLoud Micro Monitors include EQ switches that account for this and ensure the flattest frequency response.

    The connections you need
    iLoud Micro Monitor provides 3.5mm stereo, RCA and Bluetooth connections, making it easy to connect any interface or device. And both Bluetooth and analog can be used simultaneously, to easily compare mixes against reference works from a phone or tablet.


    Designed for closer listening

    iLoud Micro Monitors are engineered so that the sound emanating from both the tweeter and woofer convergence at 50 cm (19.6”), a typical distance when placing monitors beside a laptop. This provides a very focused and clear sound at shorter distances, making them a superior option for small studio spaces. Larger speakers need to be positioned further away from the listener’s ear, which may not be possible in a smaller room.

    Smaller, high-quality woofer

    iLoud Micro Monitor’s 3” woofer prioritizes frequency response over maximum SPL level. Due to proper tuning and DSP management, iLoud can reproduce frequencies as low as 55 Hz.

    iLoud Micro Monitor also features high-rigidity custom composite woofers for faster response to transients, resulting in a higher-quality mid range performance.

    Precise crossover & alignment

    A speaker’s crossover can impact frequency response and stereo imaging dramatically. This is most apparent when working with vocal content as voice tends to fall in this same frequency range.

    iLoud Micro Monitor uses a digital crossover, set at 3.5 kHz due to the exceptional mid-range performance of the woofer, and is time-aligned by DSP for a flatter, more accurate mid-range.Proper power amps

    iLoud Micro Monitor is bi-amplified with power amps that are used at 50-60% of the power they can deliver. This means they are always working in full linear range, up to the physical drivers’ limit.

    This is important as it ensures faster transient response and dramatically lower distortion compared to other designs, for a clearer, crisper sound.westasound.com

Designed for ideal monitoring in small studios


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