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KRK RP8G4-NA Rokit 8 Generation 4 Powered Studio Monitor - Pair


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KRK RP8G4-NA Rokit 8 Generation 4 Powered Studio Monitor KRK Rokits have always been top sellers, and the fourth generation of these studio monitors doesn’t disappoint. The Rokit 8 G4 features a pro-grade design, with low-distortion Kevlar drivers pushed by an efficient Class D power amp with a built-in brickwall limiter. An optimized high-frequency waveguide ensures a wide, deep, dynamic sweet spot and incredible imaging, while a low-resonance enclosure and front-firing port yield excellent low-end response and straightforward speaker placement. State-of-the-art DSP will maximize your acoustic environment with room correction, an LCD visual EQ, and more. And everything is easily controlled via the KRK app on an iOS or Android smart device. The KRK Rokit 8 G4 includes Iso-foam pads and an optional faceplate with a protective metal grill.

The Rokit 8 G4 was built from high-grade materials, and it shows. The extreme rigidity and impressive tensile strength-to-weight ratio of its Kevlar drivers ensure low-distortion sound reproduction across the entire frequency range. Its enclosure minimizes unwanted resonance, giving you spot-on low-end performance. Its front-firing port delivers exceptional bass extension and allows you to place it closer to walls without sacrificing accurate low-frequency response. Fluid mechanics fully tuned to the entire speaker yield consistent air pressure behavior at all volumes, resulting in a generous sweet spot, precise imaging, and a spacious three-dimensional soundstage. You also get high-density open-cell acoustic Iso-foam decoupling pads for minimizing vibration transfer and improving clarity.westasound.com



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