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Special features
  • Stereo Hybrid Channels: digital signal processing on chs 29-32 stereo inputs
    • Priority Ducker: lowers channel program when speaking through ch 24 mic or Group 1
    • Leveler: equalizes the volumes of the songs played back through the input
    • Stereo Image: blends left and right stereo signals together with a mono mix for better room coverage
  • USB digital connectivity
    • record and play digital files (WAV and MP3)
    • iPod/iPhone compatible: control the mixer’s digital functions (effects, Stereo Hybrid Channels, and playback) with MGP Editor app
  • two onboard digital effects processors:
    • REV-X reverb (8 programs)
    • SPX special effects (16 programs)
  • audio compression available on chs 9-24 (single-knob control)
  • 6 auxiliary buses
    • aux 1-4 switchable in pairs as pre- or post-fader sends
    • aux 5-6 post-fader switchable as aux outputs or effects sends
  • 4 subgroups with direct outputs
  • stereo and mono main outputs
  • Matrix output mixes subgroup and stereo outputs
  • digital signal processing on the main stereo outputs
    • master compressor: standard or 3-band — 8 memory scenes (3 preset, 5 user)
    • 14-band graphic EQ with selectable bandwidths — 8 user programs can be saved and edited
General features
  • LED output meter with peak indicator
  • LCD display for digital settings and controls
  • PFL (pre-fader listen) for metering and monitoring individual channels
  • on/off, pan, and stereo/group assignment controls on each channel
  • headphone and monitor outputs
  • steel chassis
  • weight: 41.9 lb
  • dimensions: 40-7/16″W x 6-3/4″H x 22-1/4″D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # MGP32X.

    Product highlights:

    32-channel mixer
    • channels 1-24:
      • mono mic/line inputs (XLR and 1/4″ TRS)
      • D-PRE Class A microphone preamps
      • insertion (I/O) jack
      • switchable phantom power (+48 volts)
      • switchable high-pass filter (100 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
      • switchable 26 dB pad
    • channels 25-32:
      • stereo line inputs (1/4″ TRS and RCA)
      • chs 29-32 include Stereo Hybrid Channel digital features (described below)
    • 3-band EQ on all channels
      • high: 8,000 Hz (X-pressive EQ shelving)
      • mid: tunable 250-5,000 Hz (peaking) on chs 1-24 and 29-32, fixed 2,500 Hz (peaking) on chs 25-28
      • low: 125 Hz (X-pressive EQ shelving)
    • peak lights on all channels
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About the Yamaha MGP32X

Yamaha’s MGP32X mixer will help you produce fine music from both live and studio performances. As a mixer in a nightclub or house of worship, this versatile control surface can take on a group of almost any size, from large jazz and rock bands to gospel choruses. This mixing console includes two onboard effects processors, compression on 16 channels, and a digital interface that connects to your USB device to help you produce concert-quality playback and studio-quality recording.

32 input channels

Yamaha understands the specialized techniques that reproducing music requires, so they designed the inputs of the MGP32X for different functions. The first 24 channels feature their D-PRE mic preamps, designed for Yamaha’s high-end recording consoles, which use a special Class A amplifier circuit to faithfully reproduce a microphone’s signal and maintain its musicality in terms of depth and tone. The other 8 input channels consist of 4 stereo pairs of line inputs, for instruments with stereo outputs. The last two pairs of input channels are called “Stereo Hybrid Channels” by Yamaha, because they feature digital processing as well as analog control.

Digital technology in an analog mixer

Yamaha loaded the MGP32X with three very handy processors on each of the Stereo Hybrid Channels. The Priority Ducker reduces the volume of that stereo channel when someone talks through channel 24’s microphone, so someone could address a crowd over music, for example. The Leveler keeps every song playing through the channel at the same volume, so you’re not blasting people on some songs. A Stereo Image control can reduce the left-to-right stereo separation of a song being played back, so the people on both sides of the room will hear the same thing.

USB recording and playback

You can record your performances to a USB storage device in WAV or MP3 formats. A hard disc or solid-state drive is recommended when recording WAV files, while a 2 GB flash drive can hold up to 36 hours of music recorded in MP3. You can route the USB playback through channels 29-30 and use the digital processing there to further improve the sound.

iPod®/iPhone® app control

The MGP32X sports a second USB port for your iPhone or iPod. Not only can you charge your device and play music from it, you’ll be able to control the MGP32X’s digital functions from your device, including the effects programs, digital source playback, and output EQ, by way of the MGP Editor app, available free from your friendly Apple App Store.

Dual effects processors and compression onboard

Two onboard digital processors provide reverb, delay, echo, and other modulation effects that’ll give your music some pleasing spatial context and texture. An LCD display lets you view your digital controls and settings on your effects, the USB player/recorder, the graphic EQ, and the master compressor. The MGP32X also has 16 channels each loaded with Yamaha’s one-knob audio compressor, for excellent dynamic handling of vocals, lead guitars, and other signals that don’t maintain a consistent level.

Channel EQ and 6 auxiliary buses

Each channel offers 3 bands of EQ, high and low shelving, and midrange peaking control with adjustable center frequency, so you can get the tone you want for every instrument and voice. Yamaha’s proprietary X-pressive EQ models the warm sound of vintage equalizers to give you a powerful tool for shaping your sonic landscape. You can use the 6 auxiliary sends to route different mixes to monitors or extra outboard effects. You can convert Aux 5 and 6 into effects sends, directing signals to the two onboard effects processors.

Output features

The MGP32X mixer features 2 digital processors on its main stereo outputs: a Master Compressor and a Graphic EQ. The Master Compressor lets you control the output’s dynamics with standard compression or 3-band compression for more targeted control. The 14-band Graphic EQ, with adjustable bandwidths, gives you master tone and feedback control so every gig can sound its best. The master compressor and the graphic EQ each offer 8 memory slots for recalling past settings.Yamaha MGP32X

Four subgroups, with direct outputs for analog recording or processing, help you arrange a large musical ensemble into convenient groups of instruments for organized mixing. A PFL (pre-fader listen) bus system allows you to carefully monitor and meter each input signal directly. The mono output combines the stereo channels together for more uniform room coverage. A Matrix output lets you combine the 4 subgroup outputs with the left/right stereo output for a final mix with the capacity for 6 different subgroup adjustments.at westasound.com

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